Monday, 9 December 2013


This morning our class Room 11 made tessellations. We had to choose a shape or anything to make a tessellation with. For those who don't know what tessellation is , tessellation is just a repeated pattern/shape. We had to glue our tessellation onto the paper and place it so the tessellation would show clearly.

This morning our class Room 11 made tessellations. We had to choose a shape or anything to make a tessellation with. For those who don't know what tessellation is , tessellation is just a repeated pattern/shape. We had to glue our tessellation onto the paper and place it so the tessellation would show clearly.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tarte Tartin , Step 2!

Step 2.
They were cutting the apples into the bowl and then they put Lemon juice on top of the apples once they cut it.

Tarte Tartin , Step 1.

This morning our class Room 11 made a Tarte Tartin in the school hall.

This is them peeling the apples skin and putting the apples into the bowls.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The sprint Race narrative

Walt:write a narrative.

One day when a girl was in class her teacher announced that their was going to be athletics and she made it into the sprint race. The girl was nervous because she wasn’t really good at running she was prepared to Lose.

When she got home she told her parents about the sprint race and that she didn’t want to do it but her parents didn’t really take notice of what she was saying. When it became night time she was lying in bed thinking about the sprint race she was really nervous. She couldn’t even go to sleep. She got out of bed and walked into the basement and found a Secret formula it gives you super speed. The girl was thinking about taking it up to her room and drink all of it to give her super speed but then again she didn’t want to cheat but she drank it anyway.

Then the next day she went went to school ready for the sprint race she was also nervous because she didn’t know how to work her super speed. The bell had rang for lunch and after lunch was the sprint race. During lunch break she went somewhere and secretly practised how to use her super speed. She was going out of control running everywhere very fast but then she got the hang of it and couldn’t wait till the sprint race ( her moods have changed ) . Then the bell rang and playtime was over. They all lined up in one big line and walked to the track for the sprint race. The girls teacher was calling up all the girls to race , they all walked to one track and waited for the whistle to blow , When the teacher blew the whistle the girl spirited she went really fast it was so unbelievable everyone was dazzled because they have never seen anyone run that fast in their lives but what they didn’t know is she cheated. She was almost at the end of the finish line and everyone was catching up to her so she ran even faster so they wouldn’t catch her . Then she got even closer and closer to the finish line. Her heart was pumping and said to herself ‘’ you can do this ‘’.

She crossed the finish line and the crowd went wild as almost wild as the Tigers are when they roar. The girl was happy but also highly worried because she cheated and nobody knew.  

Theme: Never cheat just to be a winner .

The sick kiwi.

Walt: write a narrative.
     2. use words to paint a picture.

One beautiful Sunny morning mum and I decided to go for a walk along the park. So we packed up all our gears and went out for our walk.

While we were walking mum saw a lady from a far distance holding a baby bird. She decided to go have a look on what was going on. When we got their mum asked the lady what was wrong
but she didn’t say anything . I said “ he  might be sick ” then the lady looked up at us and asked us for help because the baby bird was not feeling very good and she didn’t know what else to do.

I touched the little bird and it was very cold . I suggested that we should get it a blanket so it can be warm. So I ran back home and got a warm blanket and while I was gone mum and the lady were having a little conversation on how the bird got sick and ended up in the park the sad thing is that the bird was sick because it got neglected from his family and hadn’t been eating for weeks and has been sitting in this cold weather. I got back to the park with the blanket and mum wrapped it around him.

We waited then we checked to see if he was warm enough but still he was very cold . Almost as cold as ice. We tried feeding him but he still wasn’t feeling good we had no idea what to do so we took him home laid him down by the heater and put him to sleep. So we waited and waited until he woke up. Then finally he had woken up. His face was red his arms were swelling and everyone started panicking so we called the Vet to see if they knew what to do.

Luckily we had time to see the vet. We got their straight away. They took the baby bird in. We was so happy. After a few hours the vet came out and said “ we have the medication for him but besides that we don’t know what do ”. We were alright with that. Mum took the cream/Medication and got the baby bird/Kiwi and we all went home. When we got home we put the cream on him then we waited. The redness was slowly disappearing and the swelling was slowly coming down. We were relieved.

Then the baby Kiwi finished his rest I picked him up and he wasn’t that cold anymore In fact he was feeling a whole lot better. Mum asked if she could adopt him since he had no family I thought it was a great idea. The lady said that we could keep it because we looked after him and made him feel better. We felt like hero’s.

Theme: always help someone in need.  


Career Idol...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reading Measurement

Walt: Solve problems in measurements

In this game I had to read the length of the pencil. I knew the answer straight away because I knew ones in the middle were centimeters and the other one was the number line. I found this one pretty easy but then it had gotten more harder but not that hard though. I would like to learn more about measurement.

Understanding measurement.

Walt: Solve problems in measurement.

This game helps you to understand measurement. I found it difficult to work out but I started to get the hang of it. I would really like to get high marks on measurement  so I tried and tried until I got it right. I'm pretty sure of it now but I would still like to have help on it. This game gives you different questions they would give you Liters ,  Millilitres  , grams  and others. There were many other questions given. I got some right and some wrong but I kept on trying.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Music Boy

Walt: write a narrative.
2. write in paragraphs

There once was a little boy named Jacob. He really loved music. He’d always go in his room after school and play on his instruments or do some singing. After School Jacob would go straight into his room and play music. It was like music was one of his hobbies. He really loved music. His brothers would always go and disturb him while he was busy with his music.

His mother didn’t really like him playing the music or the instruments because she thinks it’s all a big massive waste of time. She didn’t realize that he loved music. In the mornings he would always crank up the music or in other words he would always turn his music up loud and it would always wake up everybody. She hated music really.

Jacob got to school and he found that their was going to be a music programme so he went home and told his mum but his mum did not agree with his suggestion he was really sad because he really wanted to be in the music programme.

The next day he thought about it and he just signed up anyway without her permission. He knew it was a bad idea but he would do anything for music. Music was his life. When he got to school there was a sign up sheet on the desk. He wrote his name on it. A few weeks later his mum asked him why he signed up when he didn’t have any permission. He said “ because he loves music”. Jacobs mum replied “ you’re too young you don’t even know what music is. He replied “ ahh it’s called learn”. Jacob had to take his name down of the sheet.

He was really sad. When he got to school he didn’t take his name down he didn’t want to. He was going to the practises and all. Then it came up to the music day. He had loads of fun.
The only thing was his mum found out. She was furious. A lot of questions were asked but he ignored her and took no notice.

Theme: Don’t do anything without any ones permission.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Walt:1.write a narrative.
        2. use words to paint a picture.
         3. use senses.


One day it was a girl’s birthday. It was the same day as Guy Fawkes. Her family members were planning something  special for her. Then they thought of buying some fireworks that said
“ Happy birthday ”.

They went on looking and looking for a store that sold fireworks. Then BOOM! mum and dad heard a sound coming up from the street. They thought it was fireworks. They went to go have a look. They could smell the yuck smell of fireworks they were getting a headache but they went to go have a look.

When they got up to the firework store they saw all the fireworks. There were even fireworks shaped as bananas and more funny stuff. They asked the man “ excuse me do you have any fireworks that say happy birthday?.”

He replied “ yeah yeah come over here.” So they all walked to the fireworks section. They saw a lot of amazing fireworks. Mum ended up buying the one that says “happy birthday.”. When they got into the car she tried to turn it on but it wouldn’t turn on. Mum and dad were getting a bit worried. Mum was the saddest because they had to go home and do the rest of the planning for her daughter’s birthday.

A few minutes later mum phone called her sister and asked if she could pick her up because her car has ran out of gas and its getting pretty late. So she picked her and the dad up from the store and went home. When they got home they all walked down to the park gathered up all the family and got tons of food. They were all set but they had to wait for the birthday girl to come so they waited .. and waited ... and waited then finally she had come. Dad yelled 3.2.1 Go then they let the fireworks go BOOM! They were colourful and very dazzling but the smell was ferocious but they didn’t mind.

3.2.1 go they let of the big firework that said “ happy birthday.”. The little girl was shocked because it made a loud noise and it was so amazing. She loved it. When it was all finished they had a big feed . They all said that the fireworks were really eye opening and they had so much fun. It was a night that the girl would always remember. Mum was happy but the little girl was the happiest.

Theme: Always have fun.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Poem...

Walt:write a Poem on Halloween.


Lollies lollies , We have lollies
We eat we eat we eat our lollies
We share we share we share our lollies...
Before we eat them to ourselves
we must hide them from the elves
Before they take them for themselves...
We eat really fast to get more power
Then we be crazy for half an Hour
We run here we run their we run everywhere
but we always have to beware....



Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tony Ryall

Tony was getting a swab by the lady because he was demonstration how to get a swab and after that
he got a sticker.

The Minister of health.

The minister of health came to the Marae as well to talk about the sickness of children and putting
health nurses in schools. He was really interesting to talk to.

Maths. Collecting Data

In this game I had to answer these questions and if I had got it wrong then I would have to try and
do it again.  I found this game difficult but it was sort of easy for me because I am used to tally
charts and I know what they are.


Marae Photo.

Today we went to the  Marae to talk to everyone about being sick and how to treat it. At the end
they all suggested that we take a funny photo. So we did. It was really fun talking to all of those
people even at the end we got to talk to them.


Superhero to the rescue

Walt:write a narrative.

One day my friends and I were walking along the meadow. One of my friends said that they could smell fire. Then we noticed a fire truck.

As we were walking along we saw a big house that was on fire and a lot of people were surrounding it. Everyone was beginning to worry because there were kids trapped inside the fiery house and there was no possible way to get them out. The fire men even tried to get out their long ladder but that wasn’t even long enough.

I was thinking to myself we need a superhero then I looked up into the sky and saw a little flash of light coming down to us. So I went back to the fire truck to get the flash light and by the time I got back there was a man dressed in a cape and a superman costume. Everyone screamed/yelled “ Look it’s super man ”. One of the firemen told him if he could rescue the kids. So he flew up into the house without getting burnt , He swooshed up their got the kids and swooshed back out. Everyone was relieved and really happy.

The whole town wrote a thank you letter to the superman/hero for saving their children. After they gave the letter he swooshed back in the sky as fast as a cheetah. So we all went back to the fire truck just to check if everyone was safe and gladly everyone was safe.  

Thursday, 17 October 2013


After all of the entertainment/acting/talking was all finished we all gathered up and took a photo with all the Genesis people. We enjoyed having them it was really fun. One day I hope that they can return back to our school.


Today we had a show at our school and superman was there. Superman was their because he had the ability to stop fights and bully’s or Thieves. Superman would run around anywhere just to save people that need help. That’s why people should be just like superman because it is not good to be a bully.

Vision of my future

Table tennis at school

One day Langa , Evelyn and I were in Room 8.

Langa Evelyn and I were so bored and there was nothing to do then Mrs mary said that another school showed up and they wanted to have a table tennis tournament. So langa and Evelyn got ready for the first round. 3,2,1 GO! then they started everyone was getting nervous mostly me because I wanted Langa and Evelyn to win. It came down to match point 4/4 and the last point wins , Evelyn hit the ball so hard that it went far away we had to stop the match and go look for the ball.

Everyone was getting impatient because they were taking forever to look for the ball. Mrs Mary said that they had to find the ball before the bell rings otherwise the whole match would be cancelled. After a while Langa and Evelyn went outside and they saw too little children playing with the ball , Evelyn said to Langa “ go get the ball ‘’.

Then Langa asked for the ball back but the little children wouldn’t give it back so they begged and begged then after a while they decided to give it back because they knew it was the right thing to do . Langa and Evelyn went back inside and told everybody that they had found the ball everyone was so happy. The person yelled 3,2,1 Go then langa served the ball and then they carried on playing sadly the other school won the table tennis Langa and Evelyn were sad but they were also happy for the other school.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Soft drugs.

Walt: write an opinion

I honestly think that Cannabis should be illegal because it makes people crazy and it tempts people to kill others. It also makes people feel high and they think that they are tougher than other people  because they are mentally addicted.

Cannabis should be illegal in all countries so people can be healthy and not mean to people or kids. Some parents actually don’t care about others because their main focus is drugs and Cannabis. Drugs  actually kill people because it has bad chemicals. I think that drugs should not be used if not tested because you never know what will happen. I think that  because there parents use their children could try it as well.

Drugs could be used for all sorts of things like sickness, health problems and mental problems. Smoking Cannabis mostly affects your heart and lungs or maybe sickness and it tempts other people to try it because they think it looks safe and because they think it’s okay to smoke Cannabis.

Basketball Rap/poem

Tony Williams

Walt:write a report on Tony Williams.

Tony Williams full name is Tony Baloney Williams. He is a  book writer , comedian , director and filmmaker.  Tony Williams has been  around the world he has visited 500 different schools. Tony’s first book was a children fiction title book “Fizz the wildest boy in the universe” it is about a alien boy that has to go to school on earth but he does not know anybody there. He has written many books over the past years.  His favourite colour is scarlet and he liked playing sports with his friends. He is a great book writer. Tony Williams has written on many subjects like murder kids books rugby league/sports and non fiction/fiction books and probably many others. Mr.Williams loved writing books for children and young adults he also liked reading books.

Questions !

1. Do you have children and if you do do you read to them.?

2. Do you like reading books?

3. How long have you had a courier?  

4. Do you love writing books and why?

5.What would you be doing if you did not become an author.?

6.  Why do you only write for boys. If you had a chance to write for girls what would you write about.?

7.  If your courier ended what would you be doing.?

Probability game.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maths Game: Fractions

Maths Game. Probability

In this game I had to predict If the arrow would spin on the red after spinning it 12 times. This game wasn't really difficult to play but it was challenging for me though I took my time.  I had heaps and heaps of these predictive

My Survey Report.

My Survey Report!

I had a survey I had to go around asking 21 people which chocolate they liked. The choices were White Chocolate , Caramel Chocolate , Milk Chocolate/Normal or other. The most decided was Other because it had 12 people that liked it . The second one that they liked was Caramello Chocolate because only 3 voted for it. The least were Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate because only a few people like those to.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Character Study

The Whale Child

Walt: analyse the character in the story  

A long time ago Hannah’s great grandma told her a story about the lost Whale child. the Whale child was a child that was raised by whales one day she feel of the boat because there was extremely bad causes of wind and storms so she got sucked into the water and immediately the boat sank like it had a connection with the whale child. The sailing ship floated deeper and deeper into the belly of the sea. Hannah Shivered while her great grandmother was telling her the story.  Later on her great mother waited and then she told Hannah that she would tell her the rest of the story later on because she tried to remember the rest of the story and besides it was getting late and they  needed to sleep. One day they found the child and she was lying on the shore of the sand she was just lying there.  

Rain Poem

My thought's on Milk in School.

Walt:share our thoughts on Milk in school.

In my opinion I think that the government should stop sending Milk to the schools because it is not their responsibility to feed the schools is is their parents but if the children don’t get feed at home then is it alright for the government to fed the schools.

Milk is healthy because it has a lot of protein and it gives you nice glowing skin.  Milk is good for your bones and your heart and it has full goodness and gluten free and good for your heart , bones and lungs.  

Probability Game..

In this game I had to find out what the probability would be if it landed on heads or tails. The answer was 2.  The game had given more and more of these sums some were quite hard to figure out and some were quite easy.  In some of the equations it took me a bit of time to figure it out.  Some of them are fractions and some are probability sums.

As fast as the wind

Walt:discuss the problems and the solution in sequence. As fast as the wind Te Aho is a little boy. He is scared of the wind. It was almost the start of the school term and he couldn't go to sleep because he was nervous about going to a new school and the school that he was going to played rugby and he was going to play rugby but his old school didn't play rugby. When the wind was blowing at night he got a bit scared. The next day he was at his new school and he wanted to play rugby so he started to play rugby.When he was playing rugby at his new school he wanted his papa he was calling and looking for him but couldn’t find him nowhere he was getting scared because he wanted his papa to support him at rugby.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Character Study , Darren

Heart Beats in the dark...
Darren is a little boy who is scared of the dark and he is also scared of his cousin Bess.

Whenever Darren is scared he always plays his drums da-dum da-dum da-dum.  

His mum is about to have a baby and Darren is going to stay at his cousin Bess’s house but he doesn’t want to go because he is scared of her. So he packs up his toothbrush , phone , clothes and most importantly his drums because he always plays on his drums when he is either alone or scared da-dum da-dum da-dum to help him get over his fears and forget about being scared.

When he was at his aunt's house he played shadow puppets with Bess he didn’t have a good feeling about it but he played anyway's. When he was in his bed ready to go sleep he forgot to ring his pop because if he didn’t then his pop would get worried and he won’t go to sleep until he rings him but Darren was to scared to get up because it was too scary and dark.

Tally chart game...

Walt: Make tally charts

In my maths group we were discussing about tally charts and graphs so we played a game that’s all about tally charts and graphs. None of these were hard because I just needed to work out the total of the tally chart and make a bar graph out of it. I want to learn how to tally/graphs without making any mistakes.

Cantik's Misery...

On 28 August a beautiful Sumatran Tiger named Cantik had been put down because she had cancer. Cantik was in the Burger Zoo in Wellington she arrived to New Zealand in 1994. Cantik had 20 cubs. She had to be euthanised. Cantik was 21 years old.

She had a tumor and then she had to be put down. Cantik had no contact with her father whatsoever she only had her mother and her baby cubs. The father did not look after the baby cubs because he would might kill them. All her cubs are now in Australasia.   

Everyone was sad about the misery of Cantik.     

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Skin Creatures...

Once upon a time a long time ago a little girl named Aimee was playing in the sand with her friends talking about the new school theatre her class was going to see tomorrow. She didn’t know that there were little creatures all around her. She kept itching and itching because all the creatures were biting on her legs and arms.

That next day when Aimee woke up she was scratching like crazy she pulled up her sleeve of her t-shirt and there it was there were a lot of skin infections or skin bites all in her arms and legs. She said to her mum’’ Mum look at my arms and legs can you take me to the doctors “
mum replied ‘’ Yes of course ‘’. So mum took her to the doctors and then the doctor gave some medication for the little girl Aimee. When they got home Aimee started to get ready for school. Mum said” excuse me what are you doing “ Aimee Replied “ i’m getting ready for school” Then mum said to Aimee “ No get back in bed you have skin infections all over your body and it might spread to others in your class” Then the girl said’’ But mum we have a new school theatre in our school” Mum “ I don't care get back in bed here take your medication “

So she Takes the medication and rubs it onto Aimee's legs and arms and waits for a few hours for them to disappear she stayed in bed for at least an hour so she had time to get there before they started. After the hour was up she had to rub the water onto her legs and arms for them to leave then they slowly she was extremely happy. Then the time to leave had come all her skin infections and sore/bites had disappeared and she had left to see her new school theatre.     

Theme: Stay away from bugs/germs  And always wash your body/hands after playing

Identify Fractions

Walt: Identify Fractions

In this game I needed to write down the fraction of the diagram using the slash bar / . The answer to this diagram is 1/11.  I knew the answer was 1/11 because there are eleven strips and there's only one strip shaded in.  What I would want to learn next is to add and multiply  fractions. It didn't take me a long time to figure all these sums out. Some parts of it were challenging and some parts of it were easy because I just needed to figure out the fraction of the diagram.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Math Game: Fractions

Walt: understand Fractions

In this game I have to match the fraction with the diagram and if I get it right I will go on to the other stages. Parts of this game was easy and parts of it were hard. What I would like to learn next is match higher fractions with bigger diagrams.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better than Cure...

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health dept.

This morning at our school Glen Innes School. A lot of nurses came to our school to talk about Rheumatic Fever we were all excited because the Vodafone Warriors came also. The Vodafone warriors came to our school to encourage us that getting a swap in your throat is not scary. Doctor Alison Leversha from the Starship Hospital also came to our school to tell us to always wash and protect our skin so no dirty germs/bugs could get into our skin.

A man named Awen Guttenbeil an ex warrior player talked to us about his journey through life when Awen was 9 he had gotten sick but he never treated it because he wanted to compete in the sports that he liked then but he couldn’t move his joints were sore and he could not walk or move because he was paralysed.

I think the message that the nurses and the warriors came is to tell is to always protect our skin and wash your hands at all times. This whole thing thing was based on Rheumatic fever and were trying to fight it.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Math Game: Understanding fractions

Walt: understand Fractions

In this game I have to match the fraction with the diagram and if I get it right I will go on to the other stages. Parts of this game was easy and parts of it were hard. What I would like to learn next is match higher fractions with bigger diagrams.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Myrtle the turtle...

One day a little girl Emma was in classroom with her teacher Mrs. Tarry and the students. They had a pet turtle name Myrtle.

First Emma and her class took Myrtle for a walk around the school grounds. After their walk the children put Myrtle back in his aquarium and then suddenly he was feeling cold and he climbed out of his aquarium to go to the heater.  Myrtle sat on the heater but it was broken and he was feeling more colder.

Myrtle went back into his aquarium and then Emma said to her teacher” Myrtles lying very still”  then Mrs Terry said oh no what happened to Myrtle he might be sick she switched of all the power and then myrtle carefully climbed out of the water and Emma was afraid nobody said anything.

A few minutes later Myrtle died and everyone was planning a funeral for him they were also very sad. Emma dug a hole in the ground for myrtle. Then Emma’s classmate put him into the hole and put the mud on top of him Emma was really sad.

Suddenly Myrtle had a surprise coming up for Emma. Myrtle was trying to find his way out then Emma saw his head she was shocked so was everyone else.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Eduss Working

Money wise

Money Wise

Walt: write a response to the talk by evan

Yesterday afternoon a man named Evan from the asb bank came to talk to us about spending money wisely and saving money. The phrase that Evan used was spend some on you but save some too.

Personally I think that saving money is important because you’ll never know when you need money for actually causes. All of the kids from our classes focussed on Evan speaking about the money and and incomes and high low and medium taxes. I learned a lot from Evan I learnt that if you're 16+ you're not all allowed to get paid lower then $13.50 an hour and I also learnt that its okay to spend money but it’s ok to save some to.

In my opinion I thought it was great learning about saving money he didn’t make us bored or tired.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Reflective Symmetry

Walt:Draw patterns to show reflective patterns.

Today my class made designs we had to draw patterns showing the reflective symmetry. Reflective symmetry is when two sides are exactly the same like when you look into the mirror . The reason why we drawed the patterns was because we were learning about symmetrical lines. I found it really difficult to draw the patterns because I had to draw the symmetry patterns exactly the same. The other tricky part was actually drawing it.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Basic Facts Test

Ancient Egypt Report...

Walt:write an information report

Ancient Egypt

Nile River
In the north part of Egypt that is where the Nile River is. The Nile is the longest river in the world it helps the Egyptians grow their crops and veggies the soil that the Egyptians use is very healthy. The Nile River protects the Egyptians from others that want to invade Egypt because the Nile is so wide that the people who want to invade Egypt can not get across.  

When Egyptians die the other Egyptians turn them into a mummy. They remove the brain from the heart so the heart can stay inside the body. The Egyptians believed that the mummies spirit would go onto the next world.The mummies are kept in tombs inside the pyramids.

In Ancient Egypt each person has got a job there's many people working on the pyramids and the others built the tombs and being a soldier and also people who work for the Pharaoh and the Egyptians that mummified the dead.