Monday, 10 December 2012

Dear Mrs Moodley

Dear Mrs Moodley and  room 6

Thank you for letting us come to your school to socialise.It was  fun to meeting and conversing with you.

I really enjoyed learning how to play the ukulele. Room 6 you are really good teachers and I got to learn a lot about the ukulele in a short time. Mrs Moodley is a really cool teacher I even thought she was Mrs Ramkolowan”s sister.

I would once again love to thank you  for inviting us. It was a pity we had to leave so fast but it was a really cool day and it was even better because it didn’t rain and you were really welcoming.

Yours sincerely

Monday, 3 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012...

In Room 11 the children have had netbook's for two terms. The netbook has made learning a lot easier.
If you make a mistake it fixes it up straight away and if you learn something you could always share it with your friends or put it on the Blog and it helps me realise that I made a mistake.

On the netbook's it has been a good learning sensation because I can learn more stuff off the Internet. For example if I don't understand something or can't pronounce it then I can search it on the web and it also makes stuff faster. Sometimes when I need the Internet to go online to do my work the Internet connection stuffs up and doesn't work or if something disturbs me like annoying pop ups or games then it distracts me from learning.

Sometimes when the children have to do their maths work they go on unrequired sites and they go of task and they get addicted to the netbook and can't take your eyes of the screen and don't learn anything . The interesting thing about having a netbook is that I can make new friends online or learn about other people's blog's and its good to talk with your friends then rather ignore them and waste time on my netbook I love my netbook and I would like to find out other things that I don't know so I can learn while I still can with my netbook and I would love to take it home some day that would be really awesome and I love learning on my netbook it makes things so fun for me.