Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Soft drugs.

Walt: write an opinion

I honestly think that Cannabis should be illegal because it makes people crazy and it tempts people to kill others. It also makes people feel high and they think that they are tougher than other people  because they are mentally addicted.

Cannabis should be illegal in all countries so people can be healthy and not mean to people or kids. Some parents actually don’t care about others because their main focus is drugs and Cannabis. Drugs  actually kill people because it has bad chemicals. I think that drugs should not be used if not tested because you never know what will happen. I think that  because there parents use their children could try it as well.

Drugs could be used for all sorts of things like sickness, health problems and mental problems. Smoking Cannabis mostly affects your heart and lungs or maybe sickness and it tempts other people to try it because they think it looks safe and because they think it’s okay to smoke Cannabis.

Basketball Rap/poem

Tony Williams

Walt:write a report on Tony Williams.

Tony Williams full name is Tony Baloney Williams. He is a  book writer , comedian , director and filmmaker.  Tony Williams has been  around the world he has visited 500 different schools. Tony’s first book was a children fiction title book “Fizz the wildest boy in the universe” it is about a alien boy that has to go to school on earth but he does not know anybody there. He has written many books over the past years.  His favourite colour is scarlet and he liked playing sports with his friends. He is a great book writer. Tony Williams has written on many subjects like murder kids books rugby league/sports and non fiction/fiction books and probably many others. Mr.Williams loved writing books for children and young adults he also liked reading books.

Questions !

1. Do you have children and if you do do you read to them.?

2. Do you like reading books?

3. How long have you had a courier?  

4. Do you love writing books and why?

5.What would you be doing if you did not become an author.?

6.  Why do you only write for boys. If you had a chance to write for girls what would you write about.?

7.  If your courier ended what would you be doing.?

Probability game.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maths Game: Fractions

Maths Game. Probability

In this game I had to predict If the arrow would spin on the red after spinning it 12 times. This game wasn't really difficult to play but it was challenging for me though I took my time.  I had heaps and heaps of these predictive

My Survey Report.

My Survey Report!

I had a survey I had to go around asking 21 people which chocolate they liked. The choices were White Chocolate , Caramel Chocolate , Milk Chocolate/Normal or other. The most decided was Other because it had 12 people that liked it . The second one that they liked was Caramello Chocolate because only 3 voted for it. The least were Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate because only a few people like those to.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Character Study

The Whale Child

Walt: analyse the character in the story  

A long time ago Hannah’s great grandma told her a story about the lost Whale child. the Whale child was a child that was raised by whales one day she feel of the boat because there was extremely bad causes of wind and storms so she got sucked into the water and immediately the boat sank like it had a connection with the whale child. The sailing ship floated deeper and deeper into the belly of the sea. Hannah Shivered while her great grandmother was telling her the story.  Later on her great mother waited and then she told Hannah that she would tell her the rest of the story later on because she tried to remember the rest of the story and besides it was getting late and they  needed to sleep. One day they found the child and she was lying on the shore of the sand she was just lying there.  

Rain Poem

My thought's on Milk in School.

Walt:share our thoughts on Milk in school.

In my opinion I think that the government should stop sending Milk to the schools because it is not their responsibility to feed the schools is is their parents but if the children don’t get feed at home then is it alright for the government to fed the schools.

Milk is healthy because it has a lot of protein and it gives you nice glowing skin.  Milk is good for your bones and your heart and it has full goodness and gluten free and good for your heart , bones and lungs.  

Probability Game..

In this game I had to find out what the probability would be if it landed on heads or tails. The answer was 2.  The game had given more and more of these sums some were quite hard to figure out and some were quite easy.  In some of the equations it took me a bit of time to figure it out.  Some of them are fractions and some are probability sums.

As fast as the wind

Walt:discuss the problems and the solution in sequence. As fast as the wind Te Aho is a little boy. He is scared of the wind. It was almost the start of the school term and he couldn't go to sleep because he was nervous about going to a new school and the school that he was going to played rugby and he was going to play rugby but his old school didn't play rugby. When the wind was blowing at night he got a bit scared. The next day he was at his new school and he wanted to play rugby so he started to play rugby.When he was playing rugby at his new school he wanted his papa he was calling and looking for him but couldn’t find him nowhere he was getting scared because he wanted his papa to support him at rugby.