Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tarte Tartin , Step 2!

Step 2.
They were cutting the apples into the bowl and then they put Lemon juice on top of the apples once they cut it.

Tarte Tartin , Step 1.

This morning our class Room 11 made a Tarte Tartin in the school hall.

This is them peeling the apples skin and putting the apples into the bowls.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The sprint Race narrative

Walt:write a narrative.

One day when a girl was in class her teacher announced that their was going to be athletics and she made it into the sprint race. The girl was nervous because she wasn’t really good at running she was prepared to Lose.

When she got home she told her parents about the sprint race and that she didn’t want to do it but her parents didn’t really take notice of what she was saying. When it became night time she was lying in bed thinking about the sprint race she was really nervous. She couldn’t even go to sleep. She got out of bed and walked into the basement and found a Secret formula it gives you super speed. The girl was thinking about taking it up to her room and drink all of it to give her super speed but then again she didn’t want to cheat but she drank it anyway.

Then the next day she went went to school ready for the sprint race she was also nervous because she didn’t know how to work her super speed. The bell had rang for lunch and after lunch was the sprint race. During lunch break she went somewhere and secretly practised how to use her super speed. She was going out of control running everywhere very fast but then she got the hang of it and couldn’t wait till the sprint race ( her moods have changed ) . Then the bell rang and playtime was over. They all lined up in one big line and walked to the track for the sprint race. The girls teacher was calling up all the girls to race , they all walked to one track and waited for the whistle to blow , When the teacher blew the whistle the girl spirited she went really fast it was so unbelievable everyone was dazzled because they have never seen anyone run that fast in their lives but what they didn’t know is she cheated. She was almost at the end of the finish line and everyone was catching up to her so she ran even faster so they wouldn’t catch her . Then she got even closer and closer to the finish line. Her heart was pumping and said to herself ‘’ you can do this ‘’.

She crossed the finish line and the crowd went wild as almost wild as the Tigers are when they roar. The girl was happy but also highly worried because she cheated and nobody knew.  

Theme: Never cheat just to be a winner .

The sick kiwi.

Walt: write a narrative.
     2. use words to paint a picture.

One beautiful Sunny morning mum and I decided to go for a walk along the park. So we packed up all our gears and went out for our walk.

While we were walking mum saw a lady from a far distance holding a baby bird. She decided to go have a look on what was going on. When we got their mum asked the lady what was wrong
but she didn’t say anything . I said “ he  might be sick ” then the lady looked up at us and asked us for help because the baby bird was not feeling very good and she didn’t know what else to do.

I touched the little bird and it was very cold . I suggested that we should get it a blanket so it can be warm. So I ran back home and got a warm blanket and while I was gone mum and the lady were having a little conversation on how the bird got sick and ended up in the park the sad thing is that the bird was sick because it got neglected from his family and hadn’t been eating for weeks and has been sitting in this cold weather. I got back to the park with the blanket and mum wrapped it around him.

We waited then we checked to see if he was warm enough but still he was very cold . Almost as cold as ice. We tried feeding him but he still wasn’t feeling good we had no idea what to do so we took him home laid him down by the heater and put him to sleep. So we waited and waited until he woke up. Then finally he had woken up. His face was red his arms were swelling and everyone started panicking so we called the Vet to see if they knew what to do.

Luckily we had time to see the vet. We got their straight away. They took the baby bird in. We was so happy. After a few hours the vet came out and said “ we have the medication for him but besides that we don’t know what do ”. We were alright with that. Mum took the cream/Medication and got the baby bird/Kiwi and we all went home. When we got home we put the cream on him then we waited. The redness was slowly disappearing and the swelling was slowly coming down. We were relieved.

Then the baby Kiwi finished his rest I picked him up and he wasn’t that cold anymore In fact he was feeling a whole lot better. Mum asked if she could adopt him since he had no family I thought it was a great idea. The lady said that we could keep it because we looked after him and made him feel better. We felt like hero’s.

Theme: always help someone in need.  


Career Idol...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reading Measurement

Walt: Solve problems in measurements

In this game I had to read the length of the pencil. I knew the answer straight away because I knew ones in the middle were centimeters and the other one was the number line. I found this one pretty easy but then it had gotten more harder but not that hard though. I would like to learn more about measurement.

Understanding measurement.

Walt: Solve problems in measurement.

This game helps you to understand measurement. I found it difficult to work out but I started to get the hang of it. I would really like to get high marks on measurement  so I tried and tried until I got it right. I'm pretty sure of it now but I would still like to have help on it. This game gives you different questions they would give you Liters ,  Millilitres  , grams  and others. There were many other questions given. I got some right and some wrong but I kept on trying.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Music Boy

Walt: write a narrative.
2. write in paragraphs

There once was a little boy named Jacob. He really loved music. He’d always go in his room after school and play on his instruments or do some singing. After School Jacob would go straight into his room and play music. It was like music was one of his hobbies. He really loved music. His brothers would always go and disturb him while he was busy with his music.

His mother didn’t really like him playing the music or the instruments because she thinks it’s all a big massive waste of time. She didn’t realize that he loved music. In the mornings he would always crank up the music or in other words he would always turn his music up loud and it would always wake up everybody. She hated music really.

Jacob got to school and he found that their was going to be a music programme so he went home and told his mum but his mum did not agree with his suggestion he was really sad because he really wanted to be in the music programme.

The next day he thought about it and he just signed up anyway without her permission. He knew it was a bad idea but he would do anything for music. Music was his life. When he got to school there was a sign up sheet on the desk. He wrote his name on it. A few weeks later his mum asked him why he signed up when he didn’t have any permission. He said “ because he loves music”. Jacobs mum replied “ you’re too young you don’t even know what music is. He replied “ ahh it’s called learn”. Jacob had to take his name down of the sheet.

He was really sad. When he got to school he didn’t take his name down he didn’t want to. He was going to the practises and all. Then it came up to the music day. He had loads of fun.
The only thing was his mum found out. She was furious. A lot of questions were asked but he ignored her and took no notice.

Theme: Don’t do anything without any ones permission.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Walt:1.write a narrative.
        2. use words to paint a picture.
         3. use senses.


One day it was a girl’s birthday. It was the same day as Guy Fawkes. Her family members were planning something  special for her. Then they thought of buying some fireworks that said
“ Happy birthday ”.

They went on looking and looking for a store that sold fireworks. Then BOOM! mum and dad heard a sound coming up from the street. They thought it was fireworks. They went to go have a look. They could smell the yuck smell of fireworks they were getting a headache but they went to go have a look.

When they got up to the firework store they saw all the fireworks. There were even fireworks shaped as bananas and more funny stuff. They asked the man “ excuse me do you have any fireworks that say happy birthday?.”

He replied “ yeah yeah come over here.” So they all walked to the fireworks section. They saw a lot of amazing fireworks. Mum ended up buying the one that says “happy birthday.”. When they got into the car she tried to turn it on but it wouldn’t turn on. Mum and dad were getting a bit worried. Mum was the saddest because they had to go home and do the rest of the planning for her daughter’s birthday.

A few minutes later mum phone called her sister and asked if she could pick her up because her car has ran out of gas and its getting pretty late. So she picked her and the dad up from the store and went home. When they got home they all walked down to the park gathered up all the family and got tons of food. They were all set but they had to wait for the birthday girl to come so they waited .. and waited ... and waited then finally she had come. Dad yelled 3.2.1 Go then they let the fireworks go BOOM! They were colourful and very dazzling but the smell was ferocious but they didn’t mind.

3.2.1 go they let of the big firework that said “ happy birthday.”. The little girl was shocked because it made a loud noise and it was so amazing. She loved it. When it was all finished they had a big feed . They all said that the fireworks were really eye opening and they had so much fun. It was a night that the girl would always remember. Mum was happy but the little girl was the happiest.

Theme: Always have fun.