Monday, 30 June 2014

Spending Splurge.

I played this game with Andrea. The game is called Spending Splurge. Andrea started and then I went after her.  I started of with $1,750 and went on a 9 day holiday to Australia. I first had to buy the things I needed. I ended up with $12. To play this game you have to land on a item and choose whether or not you want to buy that item. With the money I had, I had to get a ticket , passport and a departure tax. Besides that I brought other things like snacks for the plane , Digital camera , travel backpack , toilet kit , earplugs , digital video player and brand labeled shoes. Then I was left with $12. From this game I learn’t to spend your money wisely and to always buy the things you need first and then you can buy what you want afterwards and not to spend my money on wasteful things.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Skipping in GI


Yesterday Room 11 showed of some wonderful skipping routines mixed with dancing. I think our routine was very different and unique to the others because we did something that no one else had done. We had fun skipping jumping and dancing. It was entertaining watching the other classes as well but in my opinion I thought our one was the best.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Why we need mouth Guards in sport.

All Dental Associations have found that one third of all dental injuries are sport related.  In most sports it is mandatory to wear mouth guards like rugby , boxing , soccer and league.  

One of the reasons for wearing mouthguards is to protect jaw injuries, cheeks and our gums.  Once you have a really bad accident when you play sport, your teeth will be knocked out and that's why people should wear mouth guard because you don’t want to lose your teeth, surely you will agree with me. Usually mouth guards would be around $5.00 but in dentists they would be about $200 so if you were smart you should probably buy it from the 2 dollar shop because it cheaper and it’s safe.

Mouth guards help prevent brain damage. If your face slams into the ground your jaw would literally slam into your skull to cause your brain would bounce out of place. That's why it is very important to wear a mouth guard, because you’ll never know what would happen. You wouldn’t want to risk losing your teeth so you should definitely wear a mouth guard.

Losing your teeth wouldn’t be really great. That's why you should always wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards help keep your teeth and your mouth safe. A lot of kids have lost their teeth because they have not been wearing a mouth guard so you should be lucky that you aren’t one of them.

Most people would agree that we must wear mouthguards during sport to protect them from losing your teeth.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Poem game

ik.pngall right g.png

In this game I had to read 5 verses of a poem and then answer the questions that go along with it. I found it sort of difficult but then I got the hang of it and made it up to verse 5. I found it fun and I would like to do more of these poem games.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jump Rope for heart.


Yesterday Glen Innes School when to the G.I centre to fundraise for the heart foundation. Also we showed of our amazing skipping skills. We have raised about $200 from yesterday. I could tell by all the children's faces, that they were having fun.  

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dental Presentation

Yesterday a lady named Mrs Wallbridge came to our classroom to talk to the children about why teeth is so important. We gave her a list of questions for her answer. She showed us pictures of kids teeth, I felt disgusted when she showed us a photo of a lady smoking. Mrs Wallbridge told us something that I never knew. Mrs Wallbridge said that if you get knocked out and your teeth falls out, their's a possible way to fix or else the tooth underneath won't able to grow. I was really happy that Mrs Wallbridge came to our class and explain us about fantastic facts about teeth.