Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Food and culture

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Food and Culture.

The Pacific Islanders eat taro. It can be planted anywhere. It can be grown on mountains and close to the sea.
Taro is a root vegetable that grows well in a humid climate.  It  also grows in the Pacific Islands  in mushy soil. The islanders eat taro because it is very high in calories and it fills them up. Taro came from Hawaii when the pacific nations came on a canoe. Taro is really good for babies.It can be used for baby food.

For many years kumara has been a New zealand favourite because it can be used in a boil up and a hangi. New zealand has an ideal climate (warm) that kumara needs to grow in. Kumara was brought to new Zealand  from central South America. New Zealand kumara needs to have dry soil. Early Maori settlers came from South America. Kumara is high in carbohydrates.

Kumara and taro have one very huge thing in common. Its that everyone likes them.