Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fish Shop Multiplication


Once there was a king that ruled Ancient Egypt when he was about 9 or 8 years old. He ruled 1333-1324 BC he was 18 when he had died. His parents were Kira and Akhenaten. He took over when his dad died

People have two theories of how he died 1 was he had a injury with his leg and the other one was he got hit in the head. People don’t really know how he had died.

You can find his coffin in the valley if luxor in Cairo. Inside of his tomb you could find jewellery and golden rings and masks.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Google Lit Trip

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My Name in Hieroglyphics

Habu the snake

The setting took place in the hot sand. The characters were Habu,Yasmin the crocodile,Najud the hawk,Hamse the elephant and the rest of the animals

Habu was scared of Najud and Hamse he was scared to go certain places by himself because Najud or Hamse might kill him. Habu went and hid from the animals in a safe place. All the animals were scared of Habu and Habu was scared of them. Everytime Habu went somewhere all the animals would scatter.


Last Week Tuesday was the G.I Fantails game. I went to go watch the game. The G.I Fantails versed St Mary’s red.

Before the game started I was feeling  highly anxious because I wanted the G.I fantails to win so badly. As the game started I became even more nervous. Just standing on the sideline was so boring I felt like playing.  When the game started it was breathtaking because all the netball girls ran around the court calling for the ball. Seeing the girls play was spectacular. In the end The G.I Fantails had won the netball game. I was happy and so proud.

Multiplication Speed Test

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Comic On Electricity

3 Questions

1.When is the best time to do things.
The best time to do things is when my parents aren’t home and when its a hot day.

2.Who is the most important person
If someone gets hurt its the one thats getting hurt or helping the person thats getting hurt.

3. what is the right to do
Always to help someone when they are hurt or when sad.


My Island of Paradise

My Island of paradise would be sunny everyday and a lot of theme parks everywhere and everyone will have beach house. Everybody was quiet and didn’t scream and shout.

In my Island of paradise I would have water fountains everywhere and it didn’t rain and everything was free and it was a fight free Island and the beaches where fresh water and it was peaceful all you can hear the sounds of the water splashing and the birds chirping.

No kids were allowed to steal or break into the theme parks. All the adults had cellphones to communicate to others and every week there were performances by an abundance of celebrities. And everyone had a pool made of lollies and huge television in their houses and there were no ripples in the beaches.

I wish I really had an island like that.