Thursday, 29 August 2013


Character Study , Darren

Heart Beats in the dark...
Darren is a little boy who is scared of the dark and he is also scared of his cousin Bess.

Whenever Darren is scared he always plays his drums da-dum da-dum da-dum.  

His mum is about to have a baby and Darren is going to stay at his cousin Bess’s house but he doesn’t want to go because he is scared of her. So he packs up his toothbrush , phone , clothes and most importantly his drums because he always plays on his drums when he is either alone or scared da-dum da-dum da-dum to help him get over his fears and forget about being scared.

When he was at his aunt's house he played shadow puppets with Bess he didn’t have a good feeling about it but he played anyway's. When he was in his bed ready to go sleep he forgot to ring his pop because if he didn’t then his pop would get worried and he won’t go to sleep until he rings him but Darren was to scared to get up because it was too scary and dark.

Tally chart game...

Walt: Make tally charts

In my maths group we were discussing about tally charts and graphs so we played a game that’s all about tally charts and graphs. None of these were hard because I just needed to work out the total of the tally chart and make a bar graph out of it. I want to learn how to tally/graphs without making any mistakes.

Cantik's Misery...

On 28 August a beautiful Sumatran Tiger named Cantik had been put down because she had cancer. Cantik was in the Burger Zoo in Wellington she arrived to New Zealand in 1994. Cantik had 20 cubs. She had to be euthanised. Cantik was 21 years old.

She had a tumor and then she had to be put down. Cantik had no contact with her father whatsoever she only had her mother and her baby cubs. The father did not look after the baby cubs because he would might kill them. All her cubs are now in Australasia.   

Everyone was sad about the misery of Cantik.     

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Skin Creatures...

Once upon a time a long time ago a little girl named Aimee was playing in the sand with her friends talking about the new school theatre her class was going to see tomorrow. She didn’t know that there were little creatures all around her. She kept itching and itching because all the creatures were biting on her legs and arms.

That next day when Aimee woke up she was scratching like crazy she pulled up her sleeve of her t-shirt and there it was there were a lot of skin infections or skin bites all in her arms and legs. She said to her mum’’ Mum look at my arms and legs can you take me to the doctors “
mum replied ‘’ Yes of course ‘’. So mum took her to the doctors and then the doctor gave some medication for the little girl Aimee. When they got home Aimee started to get ready for school. Mum said” excuse me what are you doing “ Aimee Replied “ i’m getting ready for school” Then mum said to Aimee “ No get back in bed you have skin infections all over your body and it might spread to others in your class” Then the girl said’’ But mum we have a new school theatre in our school” Mum “ I don't care get back in bed here take your medication “

So she Takes the medication and rubs it onto Aimee's legs and arms and waits for a few hours for them to disappear she stayed in bed for at least an hour so she had time to get there before they started. After the hour was up she had to rub the water onto her legs and arms for them to leave then they slowly she was extremely happy. Then the time to leave had come all her skin infections and sore/bites had disappeared and she had left to see her new school theatre.     

Theme: Stay away from bugs/germs  And always wash your body/hands after playing

Identify Fractions

Walt: Identify Fractions

In this game I needed to write down the fraction of the diagram using the slash bar / . The answer to this diagram is 1/11.  I knew the answer was 1/11 because there are eleven strips and there's only one strip shaded in.  What I would want to learn next is to add and multiply  fractions. It didn't take me a long time to figure all these sums out. Some parts of it were challenging and some parts of it were easy because I just needed to figure out the fraction of the diagram.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Math Game: Fractions

Walt: understand Fractions

In this game I have to match the fraction with the diagram and if I get it right I will go on to the other stages. Parts of this game was easy and parts of it were hard. What I would like to learn next is match higher fractions with bigger diagrams.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better than Cure...

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health dept.

This morning at our school Glen Innes School. A lot of nurses came to our school to talk about Rheumatic Fever we were all excited because the Vodafone Warriors came also. The Vodafone warriors came to our school to encourage us that getting a swap in your throat is not scary. Doctor Alison Leversha from the Starship Hospital also came to our school to tell us to always wash and protect our skin so no dirty germs/bugs could get into our skin.

A man named Awen Guttenbeil an ex warrior player talked to us about his journey through life when Awen was 9 he had gotten sick but he never treated it because he wanted to compete in the sports that he liked then but he couldn’t move his joints were sore and he could not walk or move because he was paralysed.

I think the message that the nurses and the warriors came is to tell is to always protect our skin and wash your hands at all times. This whole thing thing was based on Rheumatic fever and were trying to fight it.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Math Game: Understanding fractions

Walt: understand Fractions

In this game I have to match the fraction with the diagram and if I get it right I will go on to the other stages. Parts of this game was easy and parts of it were hard. What I would like to learn next is match higher fractions with bigger diagrams.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Myrtle the turtle...

One day a little girl Emma was in classroom with her teacher Mrs. Tarry and the students. They had a pet turtle name Myrtle.

First Emma and her class took Myrtle for a walk around the school grounds. After their walk the children put Myrtle back in his aquarium and then suddenly he was feeling cold and he climbed out of his aquarium to go to the heater.  Myrtle sat on the heater but it was broken and he was feeling more colder.

Myrtle went back into his aquarium and then Emma said to her teacher” Myrtles lying very still”  then Mrs Terry said oh no what happened to Myrtle he might be sick she switched of all the power and then myrtle carefully climbed out of the water and Emma was afraid nobody said anything.

A few minutes later Myrtle died and everyone was planning a funeral for him they were also very sad. Emma dug a hole in the ground for myrtle. Then Emma’s classmate put him into the hole and put the mud on top of him Emma was really sad.

Suddenly Myrtle had a surprise coming up for Emma. Myrtle was trying to find his way out then Emma saw his head she was shocked so was everyone else.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Eduss Working

Money wise

Money Wise

Walt: write a response to the talk by evan

Yesterday afternoon a man named Evan from the asb bank came to talk to us about spending money wisely and saving money. The phrase that Evan used was spend some on you but save some too.

Personally I think that saving money is important because you’ll never know when you need money for actually causes. All of the kids from our classes focussed on Evan speaking about the money and and incomes and high low and medium taxes. I learned a lot from Evan I learnt that if you're 16+ you're not all allowed to get paid lower then $13.50 an hour and I also learnt that its okay to spend money but it’s ok to save some to.

In my opinion I thought it was great learning about saving money he didn’t make us bored or tired.