Sunday, 23 June 2013

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Ancient Egypt Report...

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Ancient Egypt

Nile River
In the north part of Egypt that is where the Nile River is. The Nile is the longest river in the world it helps the Egyptians grow their crops and veggies the soil that the Egyptians use is very healthy. The Nile River protects the Egyptians from others that want to invade Egypt because the Nile is so wide that the people who want to invade Egypt can not get across.  

When Egyptians die the other Egyptians turn them into a mummy. They remove the brain from the heart so the heart can stay inside the body. The Egyptians believed that the mummies spirit would go onto the next world.The mummies are kept in tombs inside the pyramids.

In Ancient Egypt each person has got a job there's many people working on the pyramids and the others built the tombs and being a soldier and also people who work for the Pharaoh and the Egyptians that mummified the dead.  

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mum Stepped...

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Mum stepped outside one morning and walked to the letter box to check the mail but it was too foggy she didn't she didn't see where she was going so she stepped into a puddle of extremely sticky glue no one knows how it got there.

Mum couldn't get out of the sticky glue because her feet got stuck to the ground and the worst part is she was getting late for her job interview and she wasn't allowed to be late. Mum had called the dad from work to help her but he couldn't get her out either she called the neighbours and they suggested that mum had to ring doctor so he can give a special ointment. Mum rang the doctor and he came as soon as possible.  

When the doctor came mum asked him if he had any special ointment bad sadly he hadn’t had any left mum was extremely angry he said that he would ask for more ointments but it will take up to 2 days but mum couldn't wait that long because she has a job interview to attend to.

The next day the doctor came back and he had some great news he had a little bit of ointment left in his bag but it wasn't enough. Mum said to the doctor’’ How many more days my legs are killing me’’, the doctor answered” just one more day’’,. Mum had to sleep standing because she couldn't move or go anywhere. The next day when mum got the ointment she put it on her foot and let the ointment do the rest she was very grateful.

The next day mum phoned the people she was supposed to have a job interview with and said’’ Is it alright if I could have my job interview today’’ They answered’’ Sure is 10 minutes OK’’  Mum went to her job interview and she got the job. Mum was extremely happy.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Builder in Ancient Egypt

I am a builder helping to build the pyramids for a day in Ancient Egypt. It took a very long time long to build the three pyramids .To build the pyramids I needed to cut blocks of stone with a chisel, saw and a hammer. I had no shoes to work with I just worked  barefeet. I was born in 2580 BC.

I had to get a lot of wooden blocks. We put the wooden blocks onto the sledge. There was no machinery at all we cut the wooden blocks with a chisel and a saw when we had cut the wooden blocks we started on the shape of the pyramid then put clay on the inside walls then out stones on the ground.

After building the pyramid I had lunch. I had bread Cucumber onions and weak beer. After lunch I decorated the Tombs.    

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