Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for Term 1

This week room 11 had done an e-asttle test.

For Geometry and statistics I got a 2A. I have to learn how to describe the shapes and also describe 3d objects using geometry language, I also need to know my symmetry and a little bit more of my angles. I was able to draw and explain a simple scale map, design and make pattern using translation reflection and rotation. My gaps are to  name  objects in  geometric language. I would like  help on  how to describe 2D and 3D shapes.

For next term I would like to learn how to spot what an angle is and I would try to get everything write on my next e-asttle test and the next basic facts test and if I get it wrong I will keep trying I get it right and get to where i'm supposed  to be.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Technology Toys

My toy was really difficult to make, it wasn’t a unique toy. I looked up on the web for a simple toy and I decided to make a helicopter. I had to plan what mechanism I was using and the measuring. After planning I had to cut bits and pieces to make the helicopter, next I paint it. My mechanism was levers to balance my helicopter from falling. It was harder making the toy then planning it.

After we'd finished our principal checked our toys and decided which three were the best. After checking it he came to our class and discussed what he liked and didn’t understand. The three winners get prizes for the best toy and for using the five mechanisms. The top three winners were Matthew Mikayla and Britney.


1. I had to download 8 images from google.
2. I had to save the 8 images in photoshop.
3. We had to make the layers so we could colour it in .
4.Then we had to change the opacity to 80% so we couldn't rub anything out.
5.Then we had to colour our images in.
6.Then we had to save it on google drive.
7.Then insert them into the drive.
8.Then save the sketches of our passions in photoshop.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Trophy

In room 11 we painted a toy. I had chosen a toy trophy. first we had to search up a easy toy and then the first step was to draw it. I chose a trophy because i had finished drawing it I felt like a champion. After drawing the toy we had to paint the background and then we had to draw a person at the back to look like it was holding the toy. I enjoyed making the artwork because it was fun drawing and painting.Next I would like to
learn how to paint things a lot better.

Dear Mrs Robinson

Thanks Mrs Robinson for teaching us taekwondo our class will never miss use taekwondo. I know now how to count up to ten in korean thank you for teaching us the tenets of taekwondo. What I mostly enjoyed was the scissor kick even though I didn't know how to do it properly you taught me how to do it and you're a huge inspiration I also enjoyed the front snap kick. I could use taekwondo when someone comes me with something in their hands and tries to grab me. I would like to learn what Indomitable spirit. We would really miss you.

Yours sincerely


At our school we are a caring innovative and fun environment I have been here for seven years and nothing has changed when somebody needs help someone goes and helps them.

Our school is caring because we care alot about the children at our school if somebody is hurt we help them straight away. When somebody doesn’t have lunch the staff room provides them with lunch and breakfast. Sometimes the teachers have a sandwich making day.

Our school is innovative because we have netbooks some schools don’t even have netbooks. We also have sports camp some schools don’t even have sports camp and thats what makes us original we also have GI has talent thats when all the kids get to show off their talent in anyway.

What’s fun about our school is that we have our own swimming pool and we get to make stuff like toys. This term our topic is toys and its really fun making and planning the toys.

Our environment is clean and healthy we try our best to keep it clean and try to keep the kids clean and stay out of trouble.