Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Poem...

Walt:write a Poem on Halloween.


Lollies lollies , We have lollies
We eat we eat we eat our lollies
We share we share we share our lollies...
Before we eat them to ourselves
we must hide them from the elves
Before they take them for themselves...
We eat really fast to get more power
Then we be crazy for half an Hour
We run here we run their we run everywhere
but we always have to beware....



Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tony Ryall

Tony was getting a swab by the lady because he was demonstration how to get a swab and after that
he got a sticker.

The Minister of health.

The minister of health came to the Marae as well to talk about the sickness of children and putting
health nurses in schools. He was really interesting to talk to.

Maths. Collecting Data

In this game I had to answer these questions and if I had got it wrong then I would have to try and
do it again.  I found this game difficult but it was sort of easy for me because I am used to tally
charts and I know what they are.


Marae Photo.

Today we went to the  Marae to talk to everyone about being sick and how to treat it. At the end
they all suggested that we take a funny photo. So we did. It was really fun talking to all of those
people even at the end we got to talk to them.


Superhero to the rescue

Walt:write a narrative.

One day my friends and I were walking along the meadow. One of my friends said that they could smell fire. Then we noticed a fire truck.

As we were walking along we saw a big house that was on fire and a lot of people were surrounding it. Everyone was beginning to worry because there were kids trapped inside the fiery house and there was no possible way to get them out. The fire men even tried to get out their long ladder but that wasn’t even long enough.

I was thinking to myself we need a superhero then I looked up into the sky and saw a little flash of light coming down to us. So I went back to the fire truck to get the flash light and by the time I got back there was a man dressed in a cape and a superman costume. Everyone screamed/yelled “ Look it’s super man ”. One of the firemen told him if he could rescue the kids. So he flew up into the house without getting burnt , He swooshed up their got the kids and swooshed back out. Everyone was relieved and really happy.

The whole town wrote a thank you letter to the superman/hero for saving their children. After they gave the letter he swooshed back in the sky as fast as a cheetah. So we all went back to the fire truck just to check if everyone was safe and gladly everyone was safe.  

Thursday, 17 October 2013


After all of the entertainment/acting/talking was all finished we all gathered up and took a photo with all the Genesis people. We enjoyed having them it was really fun. One day I hope that they can return back to our school.


Today we had a show at our school and superman was there. Superman was their because he had the ability to stop fights and bully’s or Thieves. Superman would run around anywhere just to save people that need help. That’s why people should be just like superman because it is not good to be a bully.

Vision of my future

Table tennis at school

One day Langa , Evelyn and I were in Room 8.

Langa Evelyn and I were so bored and there was nothing to do then Mrs mary said that another school showed up and they wanted to have a table tennis tournament. So langa and Evelyn got ready for the first round. 3,2,1 GO! then they started everyone was getting nervous mostly me because I wanted Langa and Evelyn to win. It came down to match point 4/4 and the last point wins , Evelyn hit the ball so hard that it went far away we had to stop the match and go look for the ball.

Everyone was getting impatient because they were taking forever to look for the ball. Mrs Mary said that they had to find the ball before the bell rings otherwise the whole match would be cancelled. After a while Langa and Evelyn went outside and they saw too little children playing with the ball , Evelyn said to Langa “ go get the ball ‘’.

Then Langa asked for the ball back but the little children wouldn’t give it back so they begged and begged then after a while they decided to give it back because they knew it was the right thing to do . Langa and Evelyn went back inside and told everybody that they had found the ball everyone was so happy. The person yelled 3,2,1 Go then langa served the ball and then they carried on playing sadly the other school won the table tennis Langa and Evelyn were sad but they were also happy for the other school.